| The Hunter, the Bear, and the Seventh Sister
The online home of the World of Arcas series by B. I. Woolet. Jackson, a teen from Earth, gets thrown into the world of Arcas, a planet with ancient ties to Earth, and must help fight a rising evil there. Every character and creature in the world of Arcas is connected to stars, constellations, or deep space objects.
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The Hunter, the Bear, and the Seventh Sister

World of Arcas: Book 1

The Hunter the Bear BIWoolet ebooksm

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When Jackson, a teen from Earth, gets thrown into the world of Arcas, his predictable Midwestern life instantly vanishes into an all-consuming adventure!

The Hunter, the Bear, and the Seventh Sister is the first of many in the World of Arcas series. This ancient land of mysterious kingdoms and powerful monsters will take you on a magical journey to fight a rising evil. Every character and creature bursts forth from our own stars, constellations, and deep space objects into new life in the world of Arcas.

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About the Story

When a beautiful and powerful stranger throws Jackson into the world of Arcas, his predictable midwestern life instantly vanishes into an all-consuming adventure. The last kingdoms of Arcas possess enduring youth, beauty, and wealth but have slowly crumbled under the weight of endless apathy and a painful past.

The rising evil of Gurges Ater now threatens to reopen the ancient kingdom pillars created long ago as passageways between Earth and Arcas. With access to both worlds, Gurges Ater will quickly conquer the weak kingdoms and establish his own throne.

Can Jackson, along with a paranoid bear, a lone hunter, and the surviving seventh sister work together to protect both Earth and Arcas?Or will the unlikely heroes allow their own fears, pain, and past to paralyze them as Gurges Ater opens the pillars and claims the throne?

Leave your own world behind, dive through the shimmering portal, and join Jackson to discover the beauty, danger, and adventure awaiting you in the world of Arcas!

Join Jackson in his second journey to world of Arcas in the book: Arrows of Darkness

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Jackson held his sword firmly with both hands, for one would be foolish to challenge the powerful Draco with mere one-handed swordplay. Circling around him, the beast roared from his gut, flinging embers of fiery saliva through the air. Each hazardous droplet sizzled against the doubled-edged steel blade. Jackson dove to the ground on his knees, slicing the dragon’s leg. His sword did no more damage than a mere twig, bouncing off each armored scale, merely scraping off the top layer of cool, thick oil, which protected the dragon from both water and flame.

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