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The online home of the World of Arcas series by B. I. Woolet. Jackson, a teen from Earth, gets thrown into the world of Arcas, a planet with ancient ties to Earth, and must help fight a rising evil there. Every character and creature in the world of Arcas is connected to stars, constellations, or deep space objects.
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Embedded throughout the novels in the World of Arcas Book Series are many songs. Some of the songs are about fantasy creatures like Mira and the Starling Forest. Other songs are about love and war.


March On

Lyrics are from the book Arrows of Darkness

Vocal performance by: Ila Woolet
Guitar, Keyboard, & Programming by: Benjamin Woolet
Accordion & Snare Drum performed by: Paul Lindgren


Take Her to the Caves

Vocal performance by: Ila Woolet
Bg Vocals, Guitar, Banjo, Cello, Cast Iron Pans, Percussion performed by: Benjamin Woolet
Accordion & Snare Drum & Cast Iron Pans performed by: Paul Lindgren