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The online home of the World of Arcas series by B. I. Woolet. Jackson, a teen from Earth, gets thrown into the world of Arcas, a planet with ancient ties to Earth, and must help fight a rising evil there. Every character and creature in the world of Arcas is connected to stars, constellations, or deep space objects.
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Parents & Teachers

No matter the age or civilization, the characters that we love from the night sky are worth exploring and enjoying! Here, we’ve created some resources for parents and teachers to bring new life to the ancient night lights. Feel free to print them out as fun activities for home or school! (Note: All of the worksheets require a PDF viewer to open).


Connect the Stars

Enjoy creating famous constellations like Draco, Ursa Major (with the big dipper inside him), Andromeda, and Canis Major by “connecting the stars.”

Draco & Canis Major
Ursa Major

Make a Clay Constellation

For a real hands-on project, print these constellation templates that guide kids to create creatures and characters from the night sky. We often use clay with small doll rods, but at home or school, you can also use toothpicks with marshmallows, play dough, or grapes as the stars!

Template 1
Template 2

Sticker Pages

Even preschoolers will be able to enjoy the constellations by placing star stickers on the king (Cepheus) and queen (Cassiopeia) of the celestial lights. Print these out, buy some star stickers, and you are ready to create!


Name the Constellation

Use these handouts to do a scavenger hunt with the appendix in The Hunter, the Bear, and the Seventh Sister. They could also be used to spark interest at the beginning of an astronomy unit or to do an internet search to find the constellation names from the images.

Handout 1
Handout 2