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The online home of the World of Arcas series by B. I. Woolet. Jackson, a teen from Earth, gets thrown into the world of Arcas, a planet with ancient ties to Earth, and must help fight a rising evil there. Every character and creature in the world of Arcas is connected to stars, constellations, or deep space objects.
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25 Sep Just One More Week!

Hey folks! We just have one more week until Arrows of Darkness is released on October 2nd, 2015. For those of you that just can't wait to get your hands on the book, click the button below for a chance to read the Prologue, Chapter...

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09 Sep Arrows of Darkness – Preview!

  Can't wait to find out what has happened to Jackson since finishing The Hunter, the Bear, and the Seventh Sister? Now's your chance to┬áread a preview featuring the Prologue and Chapter 1. [button size='' style='' text='Read a Preview' icon='fa-book' icon_color='' link='">AOD_Preview2' target='_self' color='' hover_color='' border_color='' hover_border_color=''...

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